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Paul Salazar

Paul Salazar

In 1964 Paul Salazar reenlisted in the U.S. Army for 6 years  to get a reenlistment  bonus of  $500.00 to buy his first camera, a Nikon F with 50 mm lens, a light meter and a flimsy tripod.  Thus began his long journey in and love of photography.  Over the next several years, he taught himself photography and darkroom techniques.

During his four years in college, Paul worked  on the school magazine, The Pointer, as photographer and photo editor.    After school,  his photography continued to grow and diversify both while in the Army and upon entering civilian life.

Photography took a back seat for several years as he raised his family and worked. Then, in 1999, Paul realized how much photography meant to him and jumped back into it at a full run.  He decided that this was something that he loved and wanted to share with his two young daughters Gabby (12) and Rebecca (8). Over the next few years he took workshops and immersed himself in his photography.  He and his daughters traveled on weekends and on vacations to photograph whenever and wherever they could.  He worked extensively with Gabby, who shared his love of photography, encouraging and teaching her.  Gabby has blossomed into a wonderful photographer and has won international recognition, both as the youth winner of Nature’s Best Photography contest and BBC’s “Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 2004”. For more on Gabby, see www.gabbysalazar.com  and www.naturesbeststudents.com

There is more to photography today than pointing and shooting.  Paul has also mastered computer skills, scanning, Photoshop and printing. He does all the Fine Art printing and framing for the sales and exhibitions of his and his daughters’ photography.

Paul also conducts photography and Photoshop workshops and also teaches  both disciplines on a one-to-one basis. Photography is an ever evolving medium and Paul’s love of it and love of learning and teaching keeps him young , active and excited.

Paul’s photographs have been featured in Our State Magazine, in the book “Forever These Lands” and in calendars and daytimers.  About forty of his  photographs have been on  display for the last 10 years  at two area restaurants in Greensboro and High Point.  They are changed out regulary to keep the displays new and fresh and customers wanting to see more of his work.

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